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Profile photo I am from Nova Scotia and grew up surrounded by the brightly coloured cedar shingled Colonials and Capes that dot the coast, and the Victorians common in small towns. After graduating, I moved to Toronto and fell in love with the busy streets and the quiet downtown neighbourhoods.

LunenburgI graduated with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick and worked on robotics systems for semiconductor manufacturing in Boston, then on small automated biotech instruments in Toronto.

Now, following my love of classical and traditional buildings into the field of architectural technology, I like to explore how these various styles can be adapted to and inform the modern built environment.

Toronto King StreetAs an engineer, I love technical design challenges where I can work to find creative solutions. The skills and mindset I developed during my career as an engineer and software developer are a natural fit in architectural technology. I can directly apply rigorous technical and mathematical methodologies as well as principles of good design.

The collaboration skills I have developed while working with multidisciplinary teams will allow me to seamlessly fit into any team or working environment. I especially enjoy the close collaboration and synergy of working on small multidisciplinary teams.